Participating bars and restaurants pledge the following:

  • Enact policies that promote safety, inclusion, and equity [or One Portland values] for patrons and staff; incorporate into standard house procedural expectations for all staff members.

  • Support staff in actively responding to and interrupting situations and behaviors that don’t reflect the above values. Provide employees with tools, resources, and training offered via One Portland and participating nonprofits.

  • To ensure continuity, guarantee 75% staff attendance at biannual trainings. Track attendance and provide make-up materials for those unable to attend.

  • Minimum one (1) year commitment (via contract) as a One Portland partner.

  • Contribute $100 for businesses with fewer than 25 employees.

  • Host two (2) fundraisers each year to benefit participating nonprofits.

  • Serve as donation hub for participating non-profits; carefully track and report these donations and directly transfer funds to nonprofits monthly.

Participating nonprofits are NOT policing entities, but gladly provide training and support to participating businesses as they work toward creating safer, more inclusive spaces. Nonprofits pledge the following:

  • Develop workshop curriculum that supports staff in responding to and interrupting behaviors that don’t reflect values of safety, inclusion, and equity [or One Portland values].

  • Facilitate biannual workshops for staff and managers of participating businesses.

  • Provide staff and management of participating businesses with ongoing support and access to additional resources.

  • Assist with developing signage and resource materials.

  • Show public support for participating establishments and One Portland through social media, and agency communications and website.

One Portland enthusiastically pledges to:

  • Host trainings/workshops for participating businesses and fundraising events for participating nonprofits.

  • Actively publicize and promote relationships with participating businesses and nonprofits.

  • Gather support from the community to equally benefit all involved agencies and establishments.

  • Work to expand the number of participating businesses, while keeping a minimum 2:1 ratio of restaurants to nonprofits.

  • To ensure strong and lasting relationships, take steps to assess and vet nonprofits and businesses before inviting them to be involved in One Portland.

  • Enforce policies of participation in One Portland (but not individual restaurant/bar policy).

  • Carefully track and manage contributions from participating businesses; distribute funds to participating nonprofits on agreed upon schedule.

  • Keep One Portland’s overhead costs to a minimum, and provide full and ongoing transparency about the percentage of contributions that go towards expenses.

  • Check-in monthly with participating businesses, to offer support and assistance.