Our mission is to support
long-term, mutually supportive relationships between local businesses and social justice community-based-organizations that are working to make Portland a more welcoming, safe, and just community for all who live here. 


One Portland will support a partnership between local businesses and local non-profit organizations in order to contribute to a welcoming, safe, just community in two concrete ways.

  1. Create a streamlined, easy mechanism for businesses to meaningfully financially contribute to local organizations and make visible their commitment to social justice principles
  2. Partner with local organizations to provide forums for employees to receive trainings and work with the businesses to integrate learnings from these trainings within the operations of their business practices. Training topics may include: Portland’s Racial History, Human Trafficking, coercion, Microaggressions, etc.  

These strategies help A) businesses leverage their financial resources to support community based organizations, and B) community based organizations leverage their leadership and expertise to support businesses, strengthen their institutional commitment to these values from the inside out, and provide their employees with opportunities to engage in community service and activism.